Tobias Madison/Flavio Merlo, an edition for free. 2014

| December 18th, 2013, 8:57 PM

madison--merlo 2014 edition

2014 is the perfect gift for any occasion. It only needs a bit of time and some DIY lust. 2013 Carnegie International artist Tobias Madison produced it in collaboration with artist and musician Flavio Merlo during their recent trip to Peru as they were exploring Werner Herzog’s legacy and meeting depressed hippies in the rain forest. Print out all the elements (the three images below and the pdf of the text) and puzzle them together according to the image above and you have a unique artwork for whomever you want to honor! Madison/Merlo plan to make an edition somewhere in the future, but you can be faster than that and have it done today!

Or just listen to the 2014 sound file which is way out there. An amazing uncanny tropicalia musical.

Print this pdf and the three images below!