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Paris in 48

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

View from taxi

In the two free days between Documenta 13, Manifesta 9, and Art 43 Basel, I found myself in Paris, for the first time since I lived briefly in student housing in the Cité International Universitaire in the first months of 2000. Back then, I had one of those brilliant art gallery internships: when there was nothing to do in the office, I was told to go see the museums and galleries of Paris and report back on what was going on. Here I was—12 years later—retracing my steps. First stop: Centre Pompidou to see how they hang the collection; what vitrines, pedestals, and plinths they build; and if the library was still as magnificent as I remember it. Second stop: The Palais de Tokyo for the Paris Triennial, Intense Proximité. The exhibition design was a bit chaotic as the museum is amidst a renovation, but its open plan appealed to me and the chain-link fencing for walls wasn’t half bad, if a bit like being jailed in an art prison.  Third stop: Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris to see a group show of young artists from Mexico called Resisting the Present. A lot of new-to-me work and a worthwhile bookend to my recent trip to Mexico City. Fourth stop: The galleries of the Marais for shows with Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Taryn Simon, and Carsten Höller, among others. Fifth and final stop: A taxi, gazing up through the sun roof, not sure when I’ll be back.