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Heppenstall is gone (again)

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Just around the corner from the Lawrenceville Apartment where we do talks, beer, and pizza is the Heppenstall industrial building with this beautiful signage on the roof. Well, was. Heppie (as the locals call it) is gone. Again. Founded in 1889 by Sam Heppenstall and established in 1960 as Heppenstall Europe in Switzerland (there it is, that’s why I like this place so much!), the ownership of the Heppenstall Designs and Manufacturing Knowledge was transferred to Heppenstall Europe in 1979. Now they finally took down the sign too, what a shame! I’m pretty sure that these letters will end up in a nice Wall Street bar in boutique New York as real work¬†turns into¬†decoration these days.