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Miami Art Basel 2011

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Lynn Zelevansky, the Henry J. Heinz II Director of Carnegie Museum of Art, sent me this about her recent trip to Miami Art Basel to share with you:

It’s always fun to be in Miami Beach—the sun, the ocean, the glistening white buildings. As a gateway to Latin America, Miami has become a cosmopolitan, world city.

Major art fairs like Art Basel Miami Beach are huge marketplaces where browsing, making lists, seeing trends, and buying works are all possible. For me, they are as much about seeing people as seeing art. They allow me to reconnect with collectors, gallerists, colleagues, even artists, although unless they have a specific reason to be there—an opening, a performance, or a talk—most steer clear of the fairs, preferring to avoid the selling of their pieces. Having done a lot of work in Latin America over the years, I particularly enjoy the Miami fair because it provides a great opportunity to meet friends and associates from Mexico and South America. The fair’s reach is global, though, and it is as possible to run into people from Poland or Korea as from North or South America.