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Shanghai Museum

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

I’m just back from my month-long trip, which brought me from twelve days in China to Zagreb, Berlin, Kassel, Paris, Genk (Belgium), and Basel. Pittsburgh feels perfect right now—I’m happy to be home. Before I leave again for the 20th anniversary celebrations and conference at CCS Bard, I wanted to get at least one post up. Here are a few highlights from my visit to the Shanghai Museum. They have a beautiful collection, with especially incredible displays of seals, traditional costume of China’s ethnic minorities, and jade. After so many days of contemporary art, it was deeply refreshing to spend a few hours in these dark, cool galleries, with expertly crafted, soulful objects.


Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

I arrived in Hong Kong after a 24-hour trip from Miami (Miami to LA, LA to Hong Kong). I checked into my hotel around 10:00 PM, and finally made it out to find a late dinner around 11:00. I slept well…until I was awoken (on the 19th floor of my hotel) by celebrating Chelsea football (soccer) fans in the streets at 6:30 in the morning. Congrats, Chelsea, on the Champions League win…and for waking me up. This felt like a uniquely Hong Kong post-imperialist situation. At 11:00 AM I made my way to Art HK. A few British dealers were bleary-eyed in sunglasses, slouching in their booths. I had a crazy day of running around trying to see this enormous fair in six hours. At 2:40 I did a talk with writer HG Masters at the Art Asia Pacific booth. I was followed by artist (and Pittsburgh resident) Bill Kofmehl. Out of 35 talks, over four days, there were 6 people from the US. Two out out of six were from Pittsburgh…not bad! I got to see and talk with many galleries new to me over the course of the day.