Outpost Journal #1: Pittsburgh, PA

| December 1st, 2011, 7:52 PM

Outpost Journal is an annual, non-profit print publication on innovative art, design, and community action from cities that have been traditionally underexposed beyond their local contexts.

The inaugural issue of this new publication focuses on our home base, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and features stories about local artists, City of Asylum, The Waffle Shop (pictured above), and the Bayernhof, among other traditionally off-the-map points of interest. While Outpost isn’t a comprehensive guide (and doesn’t aim to be), the Providence-based editorial team did a good job getting the inside scoop on the the city’s unique off-center art scene. Pittsburgh in a nut-shell according to Outpost? “A former home of major American wealth and industry, the city is now chock full of beautiful building stock, thriving non-profits, [and] every-which-way parking jobs that point to the both intrepid spatial problem-solving and a hint of lawlessness…” I wonder what the “Pittsburgh Left” and parking chairs say about us?